Governing Body

governing body

Captain Neil Thomson

Chair of Governors (Safeguarding / Looked After Children)

I have been a governor at Aston Hall since 2016 and am stepfather to two children in school in years 4 and 5. I have previously served as a governor of a small church school in Lincolnshire (it was quite different 25 years ago) and sat on the Education Committee of an LEA as the Church of England Representative for a Church of England Board of Education.
I work as Marketing Manager and Head of Communications for Church Army – a charity which is part of the ministry of the Church of England, where I oversee the fundraising and communications staff for the UK and Ireland. Through my work I see many instances of how working with schools and communities can make a positive difference to the lives of those involved, and want our school community to be the best it can be.
As Chair of Governors I aim to support the head, staff and children in all they do and be an advocate for the school with the Trust and other bodies we relate to in a constantly changing world of education and governance.

Louise Robson

Co-Opted Governor (Safeguarding / Looked After Children / Community)

I have been a governor at Aston Hall since 2019 and am mum to two boys in school in years 1 and 5.

I work as a Customer and Communications Manager for a partner company of Doncaster Council, where I look after teams resolving complaints and all the communications to staff and tenants either via news letters, websites or social media! I also look after Data Protection, ensuring we keep all our information safe and secure.

I work closely with communities at work and the link to applying and being chosen as a school governor was a great way for this to continue into my home life. I wanted to do something rewarding that would make a difference to the lives of others, and where better to start than with our children.

We have a strong governance team at Aston Hall and I enjoy supporting and challenging the children, parents, staff, head, and the trust in all they do and be an advocate for the school.

Deborah Cooke

Vice-Chair of Governors (SEND / Teaching and Learning / Pupil Premium)

I currently have a child in year 5, my son also attended Aston Hall and is now at Aston Academy in Year 8.  My eldest daughter is at Nottingham Trent University.

I have worked for many years in the private sector for a variety of companies in business administration for the first part of my career, moving into accounting and finance.  I trained in business accounting and finance whilst I worked and attended university part time.   I now work for the family business and manage the accounts and a small accounts team.

I have seen through my employment how a good education gives the basis for so many opportunities. I am passionate about education and believe that every child should have access to good quality education.  I want to be involved in ensuring that all the children at Aston Hall are happy and flourish with the best opportunities regardless of their ability.

James Sharman

Co-Opted Governor (Data – Performance / Pupil Premium)

What does the Governing Body do?

The work of the Governing Body is carried out for one purpose only and that is to give the children the best possible start in their school life by providing the very best in terms of the education they receive. The Governing Body is made up of the Headteacher, and members of the school community and wider Wickersley Partnership Trust where possible. The position of school governor is a voluntary one, but it demands a high level of commitment, both in time but also responsibility as the decisions made directly affect the children.

The Governors work closely with the Headteacher and meet regularly. Decisions are democratic, with all governors being given as much information as possible to aid them in that decision-making process, ensuring lively often lengthy and healthy discussions prior to decision making. Their work is focused around teaching and learning and in ensuring the school is offering the best possible values for its pupils.

The Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities, they can only act together, they cannot act as individuals.

Governors are appointed to help:

  1. Decide what is
  2. Set standards of
  3. Agree targets for continual school
  4. Interview and select
  5. Monitor and engage with teaching and learning

School Governors can be:

  1. Parents
  2. WPT members
  3. Community