welcome to y5ts

Mrs Selman and Mrs Thompson are working extremely hard, alongside all of the children, to ensure that all members of Y5TS reach for the stars and achieve their full potential this year. 

As the penultimate year in key stage two, Y5 is a very important year where the children consolidate and build on their skills as independent, resilient learners. This year they will challenge themselves in preparation for the demands of Y6 and comprehensive school. 


Y5TS loves to read! Your child will read every day and will complete 3 comprehension activities per week (10 minute texts) alongside reading our novel study book – Beowulf. We are working hard as a school to encourage children to read at least three times per week at home, this can be physical books or through bug club. The children have really enjoyed reading Beowulf this half term and they have completed some amazing written pieces using it as a stimulus for writing.

Maths and English 

Children receive high quality maths and English teaching daily at a level which is appropriate to their needs and as part of a learning journey. Sometimes this learning is linked to our topic and at other times, it is taught discreetly to develop a particular skill. Our working walls are updated regularly so pop in and see what we have been working on this week! This half term in maths, we have focused on fractions, decimals and percentages and in writing we have produced amazing Viking stories based on Beowulf.

Current Topic

This term, Y5 will be learning about the fascinating history of the Vikings. Our novel study book linked amazingly with our topic this half term and the children have loved learning about how Vikings lived, fought and defended themselves during battle. In science, we have been learning about Earth and Space. The children have been blown away by the complexity of Space and been enthusiastic to learn more about how the planets were formed. We also had a visitor in school, Professor Crowther from Sheffield University, who came to talk to us about planets and astronomy. He wowed us with many facts and we asked lots of questions!