Welcome to y4KW

I am so excited to welcome you to Y4KW and can’t wait to get started. I am a firm believer in keeping a strong line of communication between home and school, after all we have something so special in
common – your child! You are your child’s first teacher and you know them better than anyone else in the world.

We will have so many fantastic adventures in learning together. I have been teaching a while and I love teaching Year 4’s. This Year we get to learn about the Romans, Oceans around the world and produce lots and lots of art! I just love art!

I also think that it is very important in year 4 to work together as a classroom family, we will be spending lots of time together so it’s important to treat each other with respect, kindness and compassion. I know that Y4s have lots of different brains, which means you think and learn differently. It’s my job as your teacher to help you grow as a learner and as a person of good character.

I can’t wait to meet you and your family when school reopens – I will have fun things ready and waiting for you. See you soon Year 4KW.

Meet your teacher
Ms Woodcock

Hi, I’m Ms Woodcock, I’m a teacher at Aston Hall. I’ve worked with lots of age groups of children, throughout Rotherham, over the years from foundation to year 11.

I enjoy teaching all different ages of children, it brings a new challenges and experiences. I have a passion for art and helping children to become confident artist (Everyone can draw- they just need the starting skills) I also love all kinds of different live music (relaxing, calming to rock and heavy metal). I am a big rugby fan (Joe Marler is my hero) and in my spare time manage an under 16’s team at Mosborough. I have a pooch called Bella, snake (Sam) and giant African land snails (turbo and Hooch). I have two teenage children – who are very grumpy! and don’t ever clean up after themselves. My film favourite character is Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy- he is soooo cute! He makes me smile, every time.

Fascinating facts:

1) I finally qualified as a teacher at 36, showing its never to late to achieve your dreams

2) My favorite ‘teacher phrase’ is “absolutely not” – listen for me saying it

3) I am the champion of the cereal box challenge!

This year’s main topics:

We are very excited about our learning this year as it takes us around the world! We will start the year with a focus on the Romans, where we will learn about why they were important, how Rome was founded, famous Roman Emperors and how Roman life compared to our lives today. The Romans will also form our Design and Technology focus for the term, as we will be building our own chariots, which will be so exciting!

During the spring term our focus will move to Geography, where we will be learning about the continents and oceans of the world. We will then make a comparison between the geographical features of the USA and UK. As part of this topic, we will also be studying the impact of fossil fuels on the world and how we can look after our planet.This will lend itself to our excellent Art project, where we will focus on nature and landscape paintings in the style of ‘Georgia O’Keeffe’.
Our summer term will be focused again on History.

We will study the medieval period and explore conflicts that occurred, and compare life during this period to the present day. We will also study Richard the Lionheart and the legend of Robin Hood, with a trip to Sherwood Forest to learn more about this local hero. To reinforce our knowledge of this period, in DT we will create a ‘Bayeaux Tapestry’ style piece of embroidery and a medieval castle with moving parts.

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Meet Class Y4KW Staff
Mrs Lindley (Teaching Assistant)