welcome to y3hs

We are really looking forward to our year with you and we have some fantastic learning opportunities for you to experience during your time in Year 3.

Meet your teachers
Mrs Hicks

Hi, my name is Mrs Hicks and I will be your teacher for the beginning of the week along side Mrs Selman.

I have 2 children, Theo is 1 and Eliza is 9 weeks old. As a family, we enjoy going for
walks and playing out in the sunshine in the garden and the park.

I love to go swimming when I have time as I like to keep fit. I can’t wait to meet you all in September, it will be a fun year!

Hello I’m Mrs Selman. I began my teacher training at Aston Hall in 2015 and have been teaching here ever since.

I studied Biology at University so I have a passion for teaching Science and enjoy building enthusiasm through practical lessons and investigations, which the children always love to be part of!

The Human Body and Space are my favourite Science topics to teach. My little boy, Arthur, is now a very active one year old and he keeps me very busy when I’m not at school! I love anything crafty and enjoy making scrabble frames as a little weekend hobby.

Mrs Selman

This year’s main topics:

We are very excited about our learning this year as it takes us around the world! We will start the year with a focus on the Romans, where we will learn about why they were important, how Rome was founded, famous Roman Emperors and how Roman life compared to our lives today. The Romans will also form our Design and Technology focus for the term, as we will be building our own chariots, which will be so exciting! During the spring term our focus will move to Geography, where we will be learning about the continents and oceans of the world. We will then make a comparison between the geographical features of the USA and UK. As part of this topic, we will also be studying the impact of fossil fuels on the world and how we can look after our planet. This will lend itself to our excellent Art project, where we will focus on nature and landscape paintings in the style of ‘Georgia O’Keeffe’.

Our summer term will be focused again on History. We will study the medieval period and explore conflicts that occurred, and compare life during this period to the present day. We will also study Richard the Lionheart and the legend of Robin Hood, with a trip to Sherwood Forest to learn more about this local hero. To reinforce our knowledge of this period, in DT we will create a ‘Bayeaux Tapestry’ style piece of embroidery and a medieval castle with moving parts.

Class Information

Year 3HS will be a job share class and shared equally between Mrs Selman and Mrs Hicks. Mrs Hicks will be teaching Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Selman will be teaching Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The Y3HS classroom will be located in the previous Year 3 classroom, second classroom in the LKS2 corridor. Our PE days are currently TBC however we will update you as soon as possible.

Meet Class Y3HS Staff
Mrs Westaby (Teaching Assistant)