Welcome to Y3/4RB

We are really looking forward to being your teachers next year. Our first topic will be Romans and we have lots of exciting things planned to do with you in September. Have a fantastic summer holiday! From, Mrs Rotherforth and Mrs Booth

Meet your teachers
Mrs Booth

Hi! My name is Mrs Booth and I have taught at Aston Hall J&I School for 16 years.

I live with my husband and two children. In my spare time, I enjoy watching my 10 year old son play for his football team and my daughter, who is 7, do gymnastics and dancing. I also love to read, go for walks and bike rides as well as spending time with my friends. Before I became a teacher, I travelled around Australia and New Zealand for a year and I was even brave enough to do a skydive and two bungee jumps!

Hi! I’m Mrs Rotherforth and I have been a teacher at Aston Hall J & I School for 11 years -I love it here!

I have 2 young children – Ella and Charlie – and they keep me busy when I’m not in school. We love to go out on adventures, visiting parks and farms with family and friends. My favourite hobby is playing netball, and I play for a team called ‘The MaltBees’. I am very competitive, and you’ll definitely see aspects of this in our lessons!

Mrs Rotherforth

This year’s main topics:

We are very excited about our learning this year as it takes us around the world! We will start the year with a focus on the Romans, where we will learn about why they were important, how Rome was founded, famous Roman Emperors and how Roman life compared to our lives today. The Romans will also form our Design and Technology focus for the term, as we will be building our own chariots, which will be so exciting!

During the spring term our focus will move to Geography, where we will be learning about the continents and oceans of the world. We will then make a comparison between the geographical features of the USA and UK. As part of this topic, we will also be studying the impact of fossil fuels on the world and how we can look after our planet. This will lend itself to our excellent Art project, where we will focus on nature and landscape paintings in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe.

Our summer term will be focused again on History. We will study the medieval period and explore conflicts that occurred, and compare life during this period to the present day. We will also study Richard the Lionheart and the legend of Robin Hood, with a trip to Sherwood Forest to learn more about this local hero. To reinforce our knowledge of this period, in DT we will create a ‘Bayeaux Tapestry’ style piece of embroidery and a medieval castle with moving parts.

Class Information

We will be sharing books with you in class but it is also important to read at home and share/discuss books with family members; this can be done by accessing Bug Club or reading favourite books, magazines or comics. Go on TT Rockstars regularly to practice your times tables; Y3s need to know 3, 4 and 8x tables while Y4s need to know all tables up to 12 x 12

Meet Class Y3/4RB Staff
Mrs Clifton (Teaching Assistant)