Science Ambassadors

Science Ambassadors

At Aston Hall Junior and Infant School, we believe the teaching and learning of Science is key to understanding the world around us and to help prepare our children for the future. 

For the first time ever at Aston Hall, we have selected Science Ambassadors from our KS2 classes (Year 3-6). They will be working closely with the Science Leader to encourage and share the love of science across the school​. We felt this was an amazing opportunity for children, who are interested and passionate about Science, to shine!

Introducing our Science Ambassadors for 2020!

  • Jasmine Y3
  • Niamh Y3/4
  • Amy Y4
  • Jack and Scarlett Y5
  • Sophia and Oliver Y5/6

Their role includes a number of duties:
– To share ideas in termly meetings and suggest ways to improve science at Aston Hall.

– To help with the organisation of Science resources.
– To assist teachers in setting up their classroom for Science lessons.
– To assist visitors around the school and discuss Science in school.
– To take part in pupil voice (questionnaires about Science).
– To feedback the thoughts and opinions to their class​.

– To help in the running of Science Week (March 2020).

– Run weekly playtime Science activities (Y5/6 children to organise).

Science Week 2020

Our amazing Science Ambassadors helped organise Science Week this year. During our first meeting, they provided some fantastic ideas on activities for each year group and helped organise the whole school science homework project.  We thought it would be fun for each key stage to have a film/fairytale theme. They kicked off Science Week 2020 with an assembly and told the school about their activities and themes.

KS1 – Jack and the Beanstalk – Their activities included learning about parts of the plant and their lifecycle, which also included a visit from a local florist who talked to the children about flowers. They created an investigation to see which conditions their ‘magic’ beans grew best in and also designed a parachute for Jack to safely come down from the beanstalk.

LKS2 – Harry Potter – LKS2 looked into changes of state and reversible/irreversible reactions. They designed and created their own reversible/irreversible spell potions and had lots of investigations that involved changes of state.

UKS2 – Star Wars – UKS2 focussed their learning on Forces. They learnt about gravity, air resistance, thrust and lift and used this learning to design and make their own y-wing fighter jet. We then had a competition, across UKS2, to see which fighter jet would travel the greatest distance. Y5 children also visited Wickersley School & Sports College for a Science lesson. They really enjoyed creating a red cabbage indicator and testing different liquids to see if they were an acid, alkali or neutral.

Our Science Ambassadors then worked alongside class teachers in choosing our Super Scientists of Science Week. Our winners were celebrated in assembly, received a certificate and a Science prize! Say hello to our Super Scientists J