SPAG Learning and Writing Workshops

SPAG Learning and Writing Workshops

On Thursday 3rd October 2019, UKS2 parents and children took part in a writing workshop to explore the SPAG learning and writing expectations for Y5 and Y6 and get involved in a writing competition.

Mind blowing session delivered absolutely brilliantly. Definitely learnt something today and look forward to using the information with Mia in the future. Thank you.

I sometimes find it hard when Ollie asks me questions about his SPAG homework. I feel this workshop was  extremely beneficial and informative.

Fantastic afternoon thank you. It has been really informative and helpful and made me feel more aware of the learning. Thank you - more of this would be great!

I really enjoyed coming into school to see what my daughter gets up to! Lots to learn!

It was very informative. I learned so much in such a short space of time (what Lili-Rose does and is expected to achieve). As always, Mrs LB made it a very enjoyable activity. Well done Mrs LB.

Very informative and helpful session. Was great to learn about all the things my child is expected to know and be able to do - especially by the time she leaves Y6. Thank you.

The session was really informative, I will be able to take home more knowledge base to support both my children with their school work.

Really enjoyed the workshop. Lots of things which discussed I have never heard of. It gave me a great understanding of what Emily's doing at school. Great stuff!

Great. Really explained everything the children face on a daily basis and gave me a better understanding.

On Friday 4th October 2019, LKS2 parents and children took part in a writing workshop to explore the SPAG learning and writing expectations for Y3 and Y4 and get involved in a writing competition.

Brilliant session. Will definitely help me to support Toby with his future writing!

The session was a fantastic opportunity to work alongside my children and to support them with their learning. It was an excellent experience. Thank you

An excellent session. Very informative. I felt like I really learnt a lot from this session. Thank you!

Thank you. The sheets will come in so helpful with homework.

Excellent. Makes me proud of how far my child has come. I need to do bedtime reading now.

Great detail. Easy to follow. Liked the practical going to the corners of the room (children enjoyed it).

Awesome! A top-notch, informative, relaxed and fun session! HUGE thanks for the time, effort and stress spent 🙂

Brilliant session. Really useful to know and understand the content expected in our child's writing. Enjoyable and well deliver with children involved.

A very useful and informative session.

Great workshop and teaching to enable me to help my children with school work.

Very helpful and good revision for me. The workshop was in depth and provided me with an insight to what year 4 learn and how.

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