We've raised over £1600 for Sheffield Children's Hospital & Charity

We've raised over £1600 for Sheffield Children's Hospital & Charity

Our staff and students recently stepped up to the challenge and walked 10,000 steps to help raise money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital & Charity.

Many of us got involved over the week to get our steps in, and we have managed to raise almost £1700 in total. 

We chose to donate to this charity as it is a charity close to our heart – having an ex-student currently battling Leukemia, and many of our children and staff having used the hospital in recent years. 

Mrs Hicks said: “We have chosen Sheffield Children’s Hospital to raise money for this year as it means a great deal to a lot of our staff and students, past and present. Especially for an ex-student, Harrison, who is currently battling Leukemia and is being very well cared for by Ward 6 at the hospital.

“At Christmas, we sponsored a snowflake which was lit up on the side of the building, and we had the challenge of raising £1000 to have our name on the snowflake. To get this amount, we decided to get the children active in lockdown by walking 10,000 steps in a week and so many children took part to raise money for the charity.

“As a school, we have managed to raise almost £1700, which is amazing!

“We are also taking part in the ‘Bears of Sheffield’ where we have to design and paint a large bear. The bear will be designed by a student and placed in Sheffield for the public to see, so watch this space!”

Well done everyone!