Aston Hall Junior and Infant School values the abilities and achievements of all its pupils, and is committed to providing, for each pupil, the best possible environment for learning. We want our children to achieve their best, become confident individuals and develop essential life skills to prepare for adulthood.

As a school we aim to:

–       ensure that all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum appropriate to the individual’s needs and ability.

–       ensure the identification of all pupils requiring SEN provision as early as possible in their school career

–       ensure that SEN pupils take as full a part as possible in all school activities

–       ensure that parents of SEN pupils are kept fully informed of their child’s progress and attainment

–       ensure that SEN pupils are involved, where practicable, in decisions affecting their future SEN provision

Roles & Responsibilities of the special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO).

Our SEND Coordinator is Stacey O’Daly, who leads the Inclusion Team within school comprising of: Maxine Green, Lisa Thompson and Rhian Esposito.

Our SENCO is responsible for the operation of the Special Educational Needs Policy and co-ordination of specific provision made to support individual children with SEN.   She will liaise with staff to monitor the pupil’s progress and plan further interventions where progress is slower than expected. He will regularly have contact with a wide range of external agencies that are able to give more specialised advice.

If you have any concerns regarding SEND matters do not hesitate to contact us.

SENCO: Stacey O’Daly

Contact: 0114 2879811

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