Stacey O’Daly

SEND Coordinator

Roles & Responsibilities of the Special Education Needs & Disabilities Coordinator.

Our SEND Coordinator is Stacey O’Daly, who leads the Inclusion Team within the school.

Our SENCO is responsible for the operation of the Special Educational Needs Policy and coordination of specific provision made to support individual children with SEND. She will liaise with staff to monitor the pupil’s progress and plan further interventions where progress is slower than expected. She will regularly have contact with a wide range of external agencies that are able to give more specialised advice.

If you have any concerns regarding SEND matters do not hesitate to contact us on 0114 2879811.

School Staff

Mrs Esposito

Mrs Clifton

I spend my mornings supporting in the year 3/4 class, working alongside the class teacher to help in all areas of learning. This includes delivering split inputs, working with small groups and individuals.
Each afternoon as part of my HLTA role,  I lead different classes covering teacher planning time.  This cover is throughout school from Foundation stage through to year 6 following teacher planning.

Mrs Green

Miss Allcroft

My name is Shelley Allcroft and I work as a HLTA and TA in school.  In my role as TA I work in Foundation stage 2 supporting Miss Poole.  On a daily basis I work in a team to ensure the classroom is a lovely, exciting place for children to learn.  I work with small groups of children with their learning and provide support to the teacher.  I encourage and support the children to develop their skills in all areas of the EYFS, assisting the teacher and thinking of new and exciting ways for each child to learn.  I am involved in the assessment process of reading, writing, phonics and maths.

In my role as HLTA I am involved in planning, preparing and delivering lessons and activities from Foundation stage 2 up to Year 5. I work closely with teachers, monitoring and recording children’s achievements and progress.

I spend my mornings supporting in the year 3/4 class, working alongside the class teacher to help in all areas of learning. This includes delivering split inputs, working with small groups and individuals.
Each afternoon as part of my HLTA role,  I lead different classes covering teacher planning time.  This cover is throughout school from Foundation stage through to year 6 following teacher planning.

Mrs James

I have worked for the past 4 years in Foundation stage at Aston Hall.  During my time I have been a class TA, working closely with the class teacher, looking after the needs of the whole class.  I work with different groups of children to support their learning and monitor their progress, constantly feeding back to the teacher.  As a key worker for half of the children in the class, I develop a close relationship with these children and their parents.  I have also worked on a one to one basis with different children to support their specific needs, receiving specialised training when required.
I have supported children with their communication skills through delivering speech and language programmes and am trained in the Talk Boost and Early Talk boost communication interventions.  This helps the children with their confidence and self-esteem as well as their communication skills.
Other training I have received includes moving and handling, personal care, first aid, safeguarding and team teach.

Mrs Stickland

I am level 3 Teaching Assistant based in KS1 working within a mixed year 1/2 class. I currently support a child with Downs Syndrome working 1:1 to support them with their needs. I also support the teacher with other children who have additional needs, as well as having the opportunity to do split group inputs with the year 1 children. I like to keep updated with relevant training to help me fulfil my role within school.

Mrs Martin

I work mainly with students in KS2, supporting their literacy and numeracy learning. This includes working with smaller groups of children to extend their learning.
Also, I am a member of the display team and take pride in presenting children’s work.

Mrs Nettleship

I mainly work in KS2 supporting children who need extra help with literacy and numeracy. I work alongside the class teacher, setting targets and working with small groups to achieve them. Part of my role as a TA is to build confidence and make learning fun wherever possible.
Also, myself and another member of staff are responsible for updating all of the display boards throughout school, taking much pleasure in exhibiting children’s work.

Mrs Pinchbeck

Mrs Corbiere

I am a level 4 teaching assistant mainly based in lower KS1. I also support children within the foundation class. I provide support to the class teacher for all children and those who have additional needs within small groups. I closely work with children who have SEND on a 1:1 basis, supporting their learning within the classroom. I have training in dyslexia, which enables me to provide interventions for children in KS2.

Mrs Angel

I am a fully qualified primary teacher who currently works alongside Y6 as a teaching assistant. My role is to assist the teacher to enrich and challenge learning for the more able; bridge gaps in learning for all and to help prepare children for their statutory assessments.
In a morning, this takes places during literacy and numeracy lessons, where I will work with groups and/or individuals both in and out of class. In an afternoon, I will plan and prepare some numeracy and literacy enrichment learning: this will either extend or reinforce learning from class- allowing children to keep on track – as well as enabling them to reach and challenge their full learning potential.
Being in Y6 is a very special year as we watch them grow and develop both academically and personally throughout the year; we cherish their last year in primary and attempt to make it both memorable and fun in every way possible. I love working in Y6.

Mrs Barnes

I am a level 3 Teaching Assistant mainly supporting and teaching children in KS1 during morning sessions. In the afternoon, I run FFT (Fischer Family Trust) this is a literacy intervention aimed at children in Y1 and above, who need additional support in reading and writing, on a one to one basis. I also run 1st Class @ Number 1 & 2 –  this is a mathematics intervention aimed at children in both KS1 & KS2 who need a ‘light touch’ intervention working within a small group.

Miss Smith

I am a level 3 Teaching Assistant. I work mainly one to one with students who have an EHC in lower key stage 1. I work alongside the class teacher where I  can deliver the right learning for that child. Targets are set to cater to each child’s needs and progress is carefully monitored.
I love my job and I am always willing to learn new ideas to help the children I work with.

Mrs Westby

Mrs Tressler

Outside Staff


Rachel Crosby

Educational Psychologist

My name is Rachel Crosby and I am the Educational Psychologist (EP) linked to Aston Hall Junior & Infant School. The Educational Psychology Service (EPS) is a traded service, which means our involvement is agreed through consultations with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCo) and/or the Head Teacher.

The EPS is part of Rotherham’s Inclusion Services. We work with other Education, Health and Care services and the Rotherham Parent Carer’s Forum to support the needs of children, young people and their families in Rotherham.

My work includes working with children with complex needs, their families, and school staff. Usually, this work takes place in school but it can also include home visits when this is appropriate. I often work with children to gather their views and to explore their strengths, learning skills, feelings and interests, and I like to visit them in class to see how they learning. Sometimes I provide reports and written advice for supporting a child’s needs in school and at home, and other times this information may be shared verbally through meetings in school with parents and school staff. As an EP, my work with the school is guided by the SEND Code of Practice (2014) and part of my role is to provide advice and practical suggestions for staff to support early intervention and a graduated response to SEN. I also support the school with Education, Health and Care Plan assessments, by attending meetings, providing advice and writing reports as part of this process. I work closely with other agencies and can provide staff development training on a range of topics, at school’s request.

Julie Green

Learning Support Services Teacher

Speech & Language Therapist

Our school buys in a Speech & Language Therapist from the NHS Traded Service Team, named Rachael. She helps the school to provide language-rich environments through training teaching staff, assessing identified children and setting up speech and language groups. Rachael can be contacted via the school SENCo if any parents/carers wish to speak to her or access more information about Speech, Language and Communication.