Wherever possible, a child’s medication should be administered outside the course of the school day.  However, if the medication is prescribed by a doctor four times a day and the timing of the medication is essential during the course of the school day, please complete an authorisation form from the office which states the name of your child, name of the medication, the dosage and how it is to be administered.  The medication should be taken to the office and children should report there for the administration.  If your child has asthma, please supply appropriate medication which can remain in school at all times.

Parents of children who become unwell at school or have had an accident will be contacted.  It is the responsibility of parents to make arrangements for ill children to be collected from school and taken home, to the doctor or to the hospital.  It is important that school has access not only to home telephone numbers, but also work numbers and other emergency contact numbers such as those of relatives, and that these are correct and up to date.  We would be grateful, therefore, that you inform us if any of your contact details change.  NB – Please find a new contact details form on the ‘Parent Zone’ page which can be printed and handed into the office.

Please note that for policies on infections on school we adhere to the Health Protection Agency guidance which can be found by clicking here  Guidance On Infection Control In Schools & Childcare Settings