"Our child really enjoys coming to school and is always happy to come back after the holidays."
"My child is excited to come to school and loves his teachers and peers."
"We are really pleased with school and would recommend it to anyone."
100% of parents feel their child is happy at our school
100% of parents agree their child feels safe at our school
96% of parents agree their child is making good progress
98% of parents agree their child is taught well
94% of parents feel children are well behaved
95% of parents agree that we deal effectively with bullying
96% of parents agree that the school is well led and managed
96% of parents feel that staff respond well to their questions
100% of parents agree their child is well looked after

Year 5/6 Boys Through to Rotherham Rounds!

Well done team Aston Hall! Once again, our amazing Year 5 and 6 boys are through to the Rotherham Rounds for U11

Inset Day Friday 21st December

School will be closed to students on Friday 21st December 2018.  Therefore the last day of term will be Thursday

Rugby Festival 🏉

Last week, a team of children from Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 took part in a rugby festival at Wickersley School and

World Cup Trophy 🏆

This week, our school had a special visit from the World Cup Trophy for the U17s which is hosted at Rotherham