Maths Passports

The Maths Passport is a progressive strategy we are introducing, in school, to help improve children’s recall of key number facts. Children need to be more secure than ever in the accuracy and speed of recall of key number facts. The Maths Passport provides a tried and tested way of achieving this. 

The Passport begins with the very first steps in counting in the Early Years and moves all the way through to cube numbers and powers of 10 in Key Stage 2. Each key mental maths objective from the 2014 UK National Curriculum has been identified and made into a target. These targets have then been grouped and put into passports.Children will travel all around the world!

Children working on the Early Years targets will ‘travel’ around the British Isles, learning how to count forwards and backwards and developing 1 to 1 correspondence when counting objects. As children move to Key Stage 1, they begin to ‘travel’ around the seven continents of the world, developing their understanding and speed of recall of key number facts such as number bonds, doubling and halving and times table and division facts. These and other key skills are developed through to the end of Key Stage 2, providing a whole school approach to promoting and enhancing mathematics in your school.

Another benefit of the Maths Passport is that parents are able to support their child at home in meeting their targets. Many parents have said that the way maths is taught in schools today is completely different from the way they were taught and consequently find it difficult to help their child at home: here is a programme which breaks down this barrier and allows parents to get involved in the mathematical development of their child.

How the Passport Works

As this is a trial period for the new ‘Maths Passports’, we are using ONE passport for each child, throughout the summer term. This means that children have the rest of the academic year to gain their badge of success, in their specific country. 

We would love you to help support your child’s targets throughout the summer term. Please see the activities below that are linked to your child’s country. 

Foundation Stage & Key stage 1



Year 2

Europe Activity 1

Year 3 & 4

South America

Year 5


Pangea Activity 1

Year 6


Atlantis Activity 1

Atlantis Activity 2

Your feedback is welcomed. We hope to travel all around the world in September, as your child enters their new year group.

Happy flying!